Aging band attempts to reclaim youth

Brand New
East coast post-hardcore band Brand New’s newest attempt at reinvention reveals nothing but an aging band attempting to reclaim their youth through aggression. Brand New are a Long Island, New York band which has benefited greatly from reinvention throughout their time on this earth. Since their original carnation, the band has successfully written an emotionally charged pop punk record (Your Favorite Weapon), a post-hardcore record (Deja Entendu) and with 2006’s God And The Devil Are Raging Inside Me, the band wrestled with brilliance at times, while mixing post punk and rock n’ roll, forming an unexpectedly organic result.

Their newest album, Daisy, is an attempt to mix the softer aspects of their most recent record with a harshness and aggression new to the band. Unlike their previous reinventions however, it just does not work. The result is a record with two distinct tones that never quite sync together.

Daisy portrays itself as formulaic and uncomfortable. The album opens in a typical ‘mindless aggression’ fashion, with a quiet, pretty sample being interrupted by the roaring guitars, and blood-curdling screams of the opening track “Vices”. Even beyond that, the instrumentals don’t match the aggressiveness of the vocals, and it just sounds poorly put together. The loud tracks lose the intricate transitions and attention to detail that the harder songs on previous records possessed, replacing it only with guttural screams and distortion.

There are a few glimmers of hope, however. Some of the softer tracks, namely “Bed”, “At The Bottom” and “You Stole” flirt with beauty. Lead singer Jesse Lacey’s sung vocals convey more emotion than his screams ever could, and the soft, textured songwriting featured on these tracks shows extreme promise.

On the whole, Daisy comes across contrived, unoriginal and needlessly aggressive. However, upon a closer listen you can hear a band struggling to shed the juvenile aggressiveness which has defined them up to this point. One can only hope that in the future, Brand New will allow the beauty shown in their softer songs to fully manifest itself, and make a truly great record.

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