Let bygones be by-

Sargent House
Math Rock/Indie
Bygones- By-

Bygones is the sum of its parts– and more. The band is a new project combining musical mathematicians Zach Hill (drummer of Hella) and Nick Reinhart (guitarist of Tera Melos). Both artists’ most notable projects have consisted of mind-bending instrumental ventures into odd time signatures and unconventional rhythms.

is mathier than Pythagoras celebrating pi day. The distinguishing feature, however, is that while many progressive bands tend to aim for this complexity without compromise, Bygones have gone a different route.

This is an album full of compromises. For every complex web of intricate rhythms, there is a minimalist, catchy vocal line to match. Bygones seem to combine the complex with the simple almost seamlessly, taking what easily could have been technical instrumental cacophonies similar to what their bands have achieved in the past, and turning them into carefully crafted, urgent pop masterpieces.

Very often, with ‘progressive’ or ‘mathy’ bands, the songs seem to lack the flow or continuity that good pop music inherently contains. However, this record seems to be a blend of both sides of the coin, featuring jarring, jagged melodies abbreviated by fluid, catchy pop hooks.

Download the album HERE.


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